Opening the world of crypto currency business to banks, exchanges and stores everywhere

About the service

BitLocation gives ordinary currency exchange offices, shops and other retail businesses a virtually no-cost, no-risk way to buy and sell crypto currencies, and become crypto currency locations.

The next big challenge for cryptocurrencies is to make them available in the real world. Our solution opens a whole new market for exchanges and stores, turning them into crypto currency locations by enabling them to buy/sell crypto coins.

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Who can use it

Currency exchanges

Exchange offices make a profit off the spread: the difference between the bid and the ask. By extending their services and listing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other tradable coin, exchanges create a new market for themselves, attracting new customers and bringing more profits to the business.

Stores and offices

Regular stores can enroll with the platform and start selling crypto currency as a normal product. By adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other tradable coin to their product list, retailers can create a profitable new market for themselves.


Key features

No volatility risks
No inventory
Easy to use trusted solution
High end platform security
Verified and fast transactions
Paper wallet integration
Quick setup
Transaction tracking
Client book solution

Each entity that enrolls with BitLocation gets access to a platform that is custom-created for the business and is in compliance with all applicable legal requirements (KYC, tax, reporting, etc.). This ensures that the entities can begin trading in digital currencies right away.

Any computer with an internet connection can be used by the office operators, all the transfers will be made to-and-from our platform virtual wallets from-and-to the client’s virtual wallets in exchange for fiat currency, everything operated through the platform. For retailers, we have an API for deployment on internal systems.

Ownership of the crypto currency coins remains with the BitLocation platform, thus reducing the volatility risk to zero.


Like regular exchange activities and the reselling of products, profit is commission-based and dependent on volumes. Each enrolling entity decides upon the value of the commission applied to each transaction.

Reports of the performance will be available in real time on the platform (daily, weekly, monthly, custom with clients’ book and buy/sell log).

Platform wallet
Client Paper

Become a Bit Location

Our solution opens a new market of clients for exchanges and stores, turning them into crypto currency locations by giving the possibility to feature crypto coins.

The enrollment is free of charge.
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